Weekly Home/Business Delivery Menu

Food Delivery
To Homes and Businesses
From Carneros to Kenwood

Menu for the Week of:
July 12, 2020


Farmer Landy Tomato-Basil Gazpacho, Qt. $15.00
Willie Bird Smoked Turkey Salad, with Kicking Bull Farms Greens and Olive Oil Crostini, 1 Qt. & 1 Bag, $20.00
Potato Salad with Artichoke Garlic Vinaigrette, 1 Qt. $15.00
Quinoa with Kicking Bull Farm Summer Vegetables, 1 Qt. $15.00
Watmaugh Green Beans & Donald Street Tomatoes with Bacon Vinaigrette, 1 Qt. $15.00
Creme de Fromage Crepes with Watmaugh Strawberry Syrup, 6 per order, $20.00
Creme de Fromage Crepes with Serres Ranch Blueberry Syrup, 6 per order, $20.00
Creme de Fromage Crepes with Backyard Peaches, 6 per order, $20.00
Three-Cheese Mac & Cheese with Valley Ford Hwy 1, Delice de la Vallee, and Wisconsin Cheddar, 1 Qt. $15.00


Cherry Sweet Tea, 1 Qt. $7.00
Serres Ranch Blueberry Sweet Tea, 1 qt. $7.00


Meyer Lemon Artichoke Walnut Pesto, 8 oz, $10.00
Foraged Wild Greens Pesto, 8 oz, $10.00
Roasted KBF Kale & Sunflower Seed Pesto, 8 oz, $10.00
Artichoke Heart and Caper Tapenade, 8 oz, $10.00
Kalamata Olive & Arugula Tapenade, 8 oz, $10.00
Fig & Olive Tapenade, 8 oz, $10.00
Roasted Red Pepper & Oregano Tapenade, 8 oz. $10.00
Lulu’s Mole Sauce, 8 oz. $10.00, 16 oz. $15
Raspberry Rose Petal Jam, 8 oz, $10.00


Lucy, goat milk Brie, $10.00
Delice de la Vallee (16 oz) $10.00
Creme de Fromage (16 oz) $10.00
Valley Ford Hwy 1, 8 oz cut from wheel, $10.00
Valley Ford Estero Gold, 8 oz cut from wheel, $10.00
Victory Cheese Artisan Cheese Board– including 1 wheel Jasper Cellars Harbison, 1 wedge Valley Ford Hwy, 1 tub of Delice de la Vallee & 1 bag Olive Oil Crostini. $35.00
Victory Cheese Board for 2– Zoe’s Genovese Salumi (sliced), Valley Ford Estero Gold (cut from wheel), Lucy Goat’s Milk Brie, Olive Oil Crostini, Olives, and Walnuts, $20.00
Jasper Hill Cellars’ Harbison Cheese, washed rind & wrapped in spruce, cow milk, creamy and delicious, $20.00


Cheesemaking Basket, 1 pack each Chevre, Creme Fraiche & Fromage Blanc Cultures, Cheese Cloth, Cheese Ladle, Recipe Card and Cheese Trail Map, $50.00
Cheesemaking supplies: Chèvre Cultures, Creme Fraiche Cultures, Fromage Blanc Cultures, Vegetable Rennet, Cheese Ladles and Cheeseclothes. $10 each- recipes included.


Serres Ranch Blueberry Jam, $10.00 a jar
The Epicurean Connection’s Balsamic Vinegar, $15.00
Mother of Vinegar & recipe to grow your own vinegar, $10.00
Bamboo Plates and Flatware for 10, Re-usable & Biodegradable, $15.00 a set
Prohibition Spirits Hand Sanitizer, local, $15.00
Handmade Cotton Face Masks, $15.00 each
Sonoma Candle Company, Blood Orange Scent, $15.00
Italian Amaretti Italian Biscuits, $5.00
Fogliani Pizzelle, Vanilla or Chocolate or Anise, 5 oz Bags, $5.00
Gipson’s Golden Honey, local, Blackberry or Buckwheat, $20.00
Tallgrass Ranch Olive Oil, $25.00
Rancho Gordo Popcorn, 16 oz, $8.00
Rancho Gordo Wild Rice, 16 oz, $10.00
Dry Beans & Legumes: Black Eyed Peas, Kidney Beans, Golden Lentils, & Green Lentils. 12oz/$4.00 and 24 oz/$8.00